Released Versions

There were two variations originally released, both launched at the same time in April 2001. What would later be referred to as the “Alpha” version with two base variations: One base with all the markings as an original and another base that was blank. These were referred to as “Text Base” and “Blank Base” respectively.

These two variations of the Alpha version were offered at the first Hot Wheels Nationals event in Chicago, 2001. All cars offered at this venue had genuine original wheel sets and axle systems. All of the donor cars for wheels and axles were Mercedes 280SLs and Rolls Royce Silver Shadows purchased off of eBay for many months prior!

At the Nationals in Reston in 2002, a new more accurate and refined design version was offered; The “Omega”. The Omega was available in both Text base and Blank base variations. In addition to the new Omega, a new Alpha “Kit” was made available for collectors to add to their collection. This shrink-wrapped kit could be built into a RLBB or displayed in a collection in its clear-view box. All Alpha kits were offered with a Blank Base only and were all unpainted bodies that had been platted. No Omega kits were ever offered.

All told, there are two versions of the RLBB; Alpha and Omega. Each version was available in both Blank Base and Text Base variations.

HISTORICAL NOTE: When the changes were made to the tooling for the Alpha to become the Omega, the tool was forever modified. Once the changes were made to the tool to produce the Omega, there was never an opportunity to run the old tool again!