The Story of the Brightvision Beach Bomb Replica

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After over 20 years, the legendary Brightvision Rear Loader is available yet again! This is a limited run using all OEM components from back in 2002. Be sure to check out our retail site for details and availability: Click here!

Over the years I have been asked to chronicle the series of events associated with the BV RLBB. Many details surrounding the project seem to be of interest of others, so I have reluctantly come forward to share this information with anyone that will read it. My goal is to give the legend and story some well needed structure. I have heard so many takes on what it was all about, that I knew it was time to set the record straight! Please enjoy the read and the pictures. The site is growing and will have many updates regularly. The photo galleries will expand with more and more interesting pictures, and a Download section will be expanded soon with some downloads that will blow you away! Feel free to send messages with any suggestions or questions you may have.

Last updated on 12/01/23

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