The process of re-designing the RLBB was the biggest and most important part of the project. Without a good design to produce, there was no reason to move forward. In 1998 a careful study was done on the Mike Strauss collection of 9 original RLBBs. The objective of that in-person review was to document each specific difference between the production SLBB and the prototype RLBB. After 2 hours of study and copious note taking, (photos were not allowed) nearly 150 identifiable design differences were documented. Some differences are subtle and some are grossly obvious. From that yellow legal pad of notes, and every known photograph, came the designs for the reconstructed RLBB.

Alpha Model

Modeling 1 Image

Omega Model

Modeling 2 Image

HISTORICAL NOTE: When the changes were made to the tooling for the RLBB to become the SLBB back in 1968, the tool was forever modified. Once the changes were made to the tool to produce the SLBB, there was never an opportunity to run the old tool again! Contrary to legend, this RLBB tool did not ever reside in a famous designer’s garage. It was modified to produce the SLBB, and shipped off to Hong Kong to produce the SLBB.